Get Back on Track…Today…

There are times in life when we just need a little boost, to feel heard and understood, and receive some non-biased professional support or guidance to keep us on track. Not everyone needs months of therapy. Pop Up Counseling is for people who just need to meet once or twice to:

  • process an idea, develop an action plan
  • cope with feelings before they overwhelm you
  • consult about a change, make a decision
  • manage stress, a situation, or problem
  • resolve a conflict
  • feel heard and understood
  • need a sounding board
  • gain a new perspective
  • learn to be mindful and grounded
  • increase positive thinking, feel motivated

The Effectiveness of a Single Session

On average, about a third of the people who consult a therapist never return for a second session, making one session the most frequent length of therapy. The advocates of single-session therapy argue that what is so often a person's only therapeutic encounter should be used to maximize its effect and that for many people, one session can leave them with the tools and the encouragement to handle their problems on their own.

It is not always necessary to know the history or details to be able to effectively help someone. This concept is what inspired me to start Pop Up Counseling…to meet the needs of people who only require one or two sessions to get their life back on track and moving in their desired direction.

For example, a single session may be all that is required to give a person the resolve to end a destructive relationship, develop a plan to manage a recent cancer diagnosis, or to process the loss of pet (read article)

No Office Required

What? No office? That is correct. Pop Up Counseling sessions will take place around and about Asheville. Let’s talk while sitting on a park bench, at a quiet café, a coffee shop, or a picnic table by the river. Or Let’s take a walk. Walk and Talk approaches are sprouting up around the country due to its appeal to clients who, as they walk, feel the sense of moving forward both mentally and physically. Research shows that meeting for counseling outside of an office can increase feelings of well-being which result in a more productive session (read article).

However, please be aware that meeting in a public place allows for the possibility of running into someone you know. Though to others, it will just look like two people having a conversation.

Popular Pop Up Locations

  • Any park bench in downtown Avl
  • A café (Green Sage)
  • Coffee Shops
  • A walk along Beaver Lake/track at Carrier Park
  • The Champagne Book Store
  • Salvage Station
  • Seating at Barnes and Nobles, Ingles, or Whole Foods

Single Session Pop Ups

We don’t have to meet up for just one session. You can schedule a Pop Up any time you feel like you could use one. Once a month, once every few months, or maybe a couple sessions in one month. It is up to you, but Pop Ups are not meant to be weekly for months on end.

Also, you can schedule two Pop Ups at one time and save $10.

Video Pop Ups

Engage in a Pop Up from the comfort and privacy of your own home computer or smart phone. The video platform I use to conduct video sessions is Skype. Skype is free, easy to set up, and is user-friendly. It is also provides the appropriate level of confidentiality needed for the level of discussion that would take place during a Pop Up.

$50 for each 55-minute session

Couple’s Pop Ups

Having a mild relationship snag that just needs a little attention to work through? But don’t feel it requires months of therapy. I can ask the right questions, help determine the underlying issue, and supply the skills and support needed to get you two love birds back on track or at least moving in the necessary direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Pop Up Counseling NOT appropriate?

Pop up counseling is not for everyone...especially people in crisis.

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What does it Cost?

Once you schedule a Pop Up, you will be prompted to pay the full amount of the session. People who put their money into something have a better chance of following through.

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Cancel or Reschedule by sending me an email to: and state either CANCEL or RESCHEDULE.

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